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Op-ed: To grow its population, Illinois should learn from Minnesota

The southern illinoisan - 1.13.19

Now that Bruce Rauner is exiting Springfield, our incoming governor has an opportunity to learn from Minnesota’s Gov. Dayton while forging a new path for Illinois. Let’s start by making the wealthiest pay their fair share and giving working people a raise.


Rauner on Murashko: 'A gentleman resigned'

WCIA - 12.13.17

Video footage captured by the pro-union group Illinois Working Together shows Rauner leaving his campaign headquarters at 35 E. Wacker Drive in Chicago on Friday morning, November 17th, with a state employee at his side. In the video, a tracker approaches Rauner and asks why he hasn't taken a stance on the Republican tax plan, which at the time had just passed the House of Representatives.


Rauner gets nod of support — and $5,600 — from one of Koch brothers

Chicago Sun-Times - 12.01.17

“This donation proves what many have long suspected: Bruce Rauner is the Koch Brothers’ favorite governor,” said Jake Lewis, campaign director for Illinois Working Together, a coalition of labor organizations. “Unfortunately for these right-wing billionaires, no amount of Koch money will hide Gov. Rauner’s failure to grow jobs or fix Illinois’ finances.”

Whoops! Pro-Rauner ad omits Minnesota and its successes

Chicago Tribune - 11.02.17

“One governor’s missing,” says the response ad from Illinois Working Together, a pro-union coalition partial to Democrats. “Gov. Mark Dayton, Minnesota.”


Politico Playbook Illinois

Politico Illinois - 11.03.17

"But yes, the absence of Dayton, a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party and progressive icon, is conspicuous and illustrative. His is a story that Republicans don’t like to tell.”

Video points out that Minnesota isn’t included in Rauner’s new TV ad

Capitol Fax - 11.02.17

This video is going kinda mini-viral on Facebook and Twitter…


Illinois loses Toyota/Mazda factory

Crain's Chicago Business - 10.18.17

Said Illinois Working Together, a union coalition, in a statement: "Today's announcement is yet another example of the economic damage Gov. Bruce Rauner has inflicted on Illinois. . . .Instead of blaming workers for his failure to recruit new businesses to the state, Gov. Rauner should invest in Illinois communities and work collaboratively to bring new jobs to Illinois."


Illinois Loses Out On Proposed Toyota-Mazda Plant

WVIK - 10.18.17

"In an angry news release from Illinois Working Together, director Jake Lewis called the news a failure of the Rauner administration. He said the state has lost more than 12,000 manufacturing jobs since Gov. Bruce Rauner took office."


Editorial uses Fox 32 staffers to prop up the boss

RobertFeder.com - 9.7.17

That’s not all. Fox 32 is paying to promote Welsh’s rant in Facebook ads, according to Illinois Working Together, a coalition of unions including chairs of the Illinois AFL-CIO and Chicago Federation of Labor.


Politico Illinois Playbook

Politico - 8.15.17

Illinois Working Together Twitter feed gives an overview of the governor’s last 30 days. Not pretty: See here



Labor-backed group says Rauner misleading in tax talk

State Journal-Register - 7.15.17

“The governor has a pattern of using misleading statements and bogus math to try and score political points,” said Jake Lewis, campaign director for Illinois Working Together. “Instead of finding common ground to help the people of Illinois, Rauner refuses to compromise and launches deceptive political attacks. Illinois’ middle-class families have suffered under Bruce Rauner. The governor should be fighting for these taxpayers, not for his own political agenda.”


Illinois lawmakers and local leaders respond to Rauner's special address

WICS - 6.20.17

Illinois Working Together Campaign Director Jake Lewis released the following statement in response to tonight's speech from Gov. Rauner: "Tonight's speech is yet another Rauner political ploy designed to shift the blame for the crisis he intentionally created. At the exact same time the governor calls for "unity," he is using the speech to raise campaign cash and spending millions on political attack ads that undermine any attempt at compromise.



The population drain argument continues

capitol fax - 6.7.17

But the folks at Illinois Working Together took a look at some Census numbers (click here for the raw data) and tweeted out a storm


Illinois Legislature Ends Session (Yet Again) Without A Budget


The group Illinois Working Together however, was not impressed, saying that the governor should "drop his agenda and do his job." "While the governor blames everyone but himself for his budget crisis, Illinois' students, seniors, and economy continue to suffer," the group said in a statement. "Enough is enough, governor."


unsolicited advice

Capitol fax - 5.23.17

As far as anti-Rauner tweets go, I much prefer the Illinois Working Together account…


Illinois' Richest Man Donates $20 Million To Rauner Campaign

Chicagoist - 5.18.17

"Never has the Rauner re-election strategy been clearer,” said the group Illinois Working Together. “On the same day the state's bill backlog tops $14 billion, the governor released a new campaign ad and his political campaign raked in $20 million from Illinois' richest man. Rauner's game plan is simple: spend millions of dollars to paper over his abysmal record of failure as governor.”



politico - 5.15.17

The anti-Rauner group, Illinois Working Together, is making hay about the exchange, complaining that Rauner made the campaign stop at the time the Illinois Senate was in session. “It is inexcusable for Gov. Rauner to be campaigning while legislators are trying to find a path forward on a budget,” Jake Lewis, campaign director for the group told POLITICO in a statement.

Lack Of State Budget Is A 'Spectacular Failure,' Says Civic Federation

Chicagoist - 5.9.17

Others however, blamed the governor for the dire state of fiscal affairs in Illinois. "To borrow a phrase from the Civic Federation, Gov. Rauner has been a 'spectacular failure' in office,” said Illinois Working Together. “Instead simply doing his job and proposing a balanced budget, the governor would rather play big money political games in an attempt to ram through his partisan agenda. Gov. Rauner should listen to the countless Illinoisans who are being hurt by his wrong priorities, drop his agenda, and do his job."


Rauner's Latest Not A Campaign Ad Trumpets Small Business Week

Chicagoist - 5.4.17

It is the height of hypocrisy for Gov. Rauner to tout his failed political agenda at a college small business center while the Rauner budget crisis has shuttered similar centers across Illinois,” said the Illinois Working Together Campaign in a statement to Chicagoist. “By holding the budget hostage, Gov. Rauner has forced nearly a quarter of college small business centers to close and others to severely cut programming.


Politico illinois playbook

Politico illinois - 5.4.17

RAUNER STANDS TO RECEIVE TAX BREAK UNDER REPEAL — The Republican healthcare plan would repeal the Net Investment Tax, which was a tax of higher tax brackets mandated under the Affordable Care Act meant to help subsidize insurance premiums under Obamacare. It is a tax of about 3.8 percent on investment income for higher tax brackets. In 2015, Rauner paid $6.6 million toward that tax. (See Rauner return here) The anti-Rauner group Illinois Working Together, has made an issue of this saying “the people of Illinois deserve to know where Gov. Rauner stands,” on the repeal.


Statehouse Insider: If the duck says it isn’t a duck, guess it isn’t

State journal-register - 4.15.17

One of the groups criticizing Rauner was Illinois Working Together, a coalition of labor unions that includes some representing public employees. A statement from the group said it was “downright shameful” Rauner would campaign rather than do his job. It also criticized Rauner for refusing to compromise.


Rauner Launches 2-Day State Tour Totally Unrelated To Re-Election Campaign

Chicagoist - 4.11.17

The group Illinois Working Together also chided the governor, saying it was "downright shameful" Rauner "would rather campaign for his re-election than do his job."


Democrats react to Rauner’s non-campaign campaign tour

Capitol Fax - 4.11.17

IWT release featured


Rauner, Dems raise money ahead of deadline

Capitol Fax - 3.31.17

IWT tweet featured


High rollers to pay $40K at Rauner fundraising dinner Thursday

Chicago Tribune - 3.30.17

The group Illinois Working Together, a coalition of unions and other organizations opposed to the governor, are planning a “Rauner Do Your Job” demonstration outside the event.

Rauner in $1 million ad campaign; adds to 'stew of suspicion'

State Journal-Register - 3.29.17

Illinois Working Together is a group co-chaired by the Illinois AFL-CIO and the Chicago Federation of Labor. Its campaign director, JAKE LEWIS, issued a statement that the new ads are "another reminder of the governor's wrong priorities. ... Not only has Rauner never passed a budget, the most basic responsibility for any governor, but he has never even proposed a balanced budget as required by the Illinois Constitution.

Rauner in new TV ads touting his agenda

Capitol Fax - 3.28.17

Illinois Working Together Campaign Director Jake Lewis released the following statement in response to Gov. Bruce Rauner’s new television ads


Politico Illinois Playbook

Politico Illinois - 2.23.17

He knew he’d face this — From the anti-Rauner group Illinois Working Together: “Instead of focusing on Illinois after his much-ridiculed budget address, Gov. Rauner decided to jet off on a secret ski trip to Utah, his office refusing to answer questions on the governor's whereabouts until today.”


A Look At How Rauner, Emanuel Are Handling Trump

WBEZ - 2.4.17

"Rauner is more interested in getting re-elected in 2018 than actually standing up for the people of Illinois when they're hurt by Donald Trump's policies" - Illinois Working Together's Jake Lewis


6 downgrades in 2 years

Capitol Fax - 2.3.17

IWT tweet featured


Fitch downgrades Illinois over “unprecedented failure of the state to enact a full budget for two consecutive years”

Capitol Fax - 2.1.17


Politico Illinois Playbook

Politico Illinois - 1.25.17

Opposition: From Illinois Working Together, which put together a video saying how they’ve been affected by the Rauner years: “On the eve of the State of the State, real people in Illinois give their take on Illinois under Gov. Rauner,” Watch the video: http://bit.ly/2jdR1ZO


Rauner Gives State Of The State Speech Amid All-Too-Familiar Budget Crisis

Chicagoist - 1.25.17

Chicago Federation of Labor President Jorge Ramirez and AFL-CIO President Michael Carrigan, both co-chairs of Illinois Working Together, said that the state was worse off than when Rauner took office and called on him to drop his agenda.


Illinois Saw Biggest Population Dip In The Nation; Critics Blame Budget Stalemate

Chicagoist - 12.21.16

Budget-related cuts to public universities and social-service cuts could play a key factor, as well. “It hurts employees who work and generate billions in economic activity—and of course the people who rely on such services,” Lewis added.


Illinois lost people in the last year: Census Bureau

Crain's Chicago Business - 12.20.16

The Illinois Working Together union coalition said in a statement..."The governor needs to realize that holding the budget hostage for his extreme agenda is simply the wrong way to go."


Illinois a leader in population losses

Quad-City Times - 12.20.16

"Illinois’ worst-in-the-nation population decline provides yet another example of the devastation caused by Governor Bruce Rauner," Jake Lewis, campaign director for Illinois Working Together, said.