The Rauner Two-Step: Stagnant Job Growth and Record-High Outmigration


Thursday, December 21, 2017
Contact: Jake Lewis, Illinois Working Together


The Rauner Two-Step: Stagnant Job Growth and Record-High Outmigration

Rauner's Failed Leadership Hobbles Illinois' Economy


Today, the Illinois Department of Employment Security announced the state lost over 1,000 non-farm payroll jobs last month while the job growth rate was just 0.4% over-the-year, far below the national job growth rate of 1.4%. This news comes a day after the U.S. Census announced Illinois has lost nearly 34,000 people since mid-2016, the worst outmigration for any U.S. state.

In his 2014 inaugural address, Gov. Bruce Rauner said, "People are leavin’ to find jobs, or because they run companies, and they’re takin’ their jobs with `em." Nearly three years into his term as governor, Rauner not only has failed to reverse Illinois' economic stagnation leading to population loss, he's made things much, much worse.

"Bruce Rauner promised to 'bring back Illinois,' but instead, we've gotten the Rauner two-step: stagnant job growth and record-high outmigration," said Illinois Working Together Campaign Director Jake Lewis. "Instead of providing the economic stability needed to grow new jobs and attract new residents, Rauner's failed leadership continues to drag Illinois' economy down and push Illinoisans out."


About Illinois Working Together
Illinois Working Together is a coalition defending all working families from anti-worker attacks. Illinois Working Together believes that Governor Rauner's wrong priorities seek to harm hardworking families and communities throughout Illinois while protecting the wealthiest. The coalition's goal is to stand up and fight back against the governor's political attacks and threats - and protect the vital services all Illinoisans rely on. It is time to get Illinois working together.

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