Illinois Working Together Statement on Gov. Rauner's Budget Address

Wednesday February 15, 2017
Contact: Jake Lewis, Illinois Working Together

Illinois Working Together Statement on Gov. Rauner's Budget Address

Rauner again fails to propose a balanced budget, putting his political agenda ahead of Illinois' citizens

SPRINGFIELD — Illinois Working Together Co-Chairs Michael Carrigan and Jorge Ramirez released the following statement in response to Gov. Bruce Rauner’s budget address:      
“For the third straight year, Gov. Rauner failed to satisfy his constitutional responsibility to propose a balanced budget. Because Rauner chooses not to do his job, students are abandoning Illinois’ public universities, the state's credit rating has been downgraded six times, and over a million people have lost access to critical services. Across Illinois, hardworking families are pleading with the governor to put people ahead of his personal agenda and finally choose to end this crisis. I call on the governor to propose a budget that invests in Illinois communities while making the wealthiest and corporations pay their fair share.” – Illinois Working Together Co-Chair Michael Carrigan (President, Illinois AFL-CIO)

“Once again, the governor is out of touch with what Illinoisans really need to thrive. For two years, he has sat on the sidelines, prolonging the crisis while pointing the finger at everyone around him for the consequences of his failure. Governor Rauner can choose to end the budget impasse if he would simply drop his personal agenda and do his job, but today’s speech shows he has no interest in doing what’s right for the people of Illinois. The budget he presented is not a thoughtful budget aimed at expanding the economy, increasing upward economic mobility for everyone and growing our middle class. Instead, it shields large corporations from their fiscal responsibilities and places the burden of fixing our economy on the backs of consumers, the real job creators in Illinois, and workers. Gov. Rauner should propose a real budget that puts middle class families first and makes corporations and the super-wealthy, like Rauner himself, finally pay their fair share.” – Illinois Working Together Co-Chair Jorge Ramirez (President, Chicago Federation of Labor)


About Illinois Working Together
Illinois Working Together is a coalition defending all working families from anti-worker attacks. Illinois Working Together believes that Governor Rauner's wrong priorities seek to harm hardworking families and communities throughout Illinois while protecting the wealthiest. The Coalition's goal is to stand up and fight back against the governor's political attacks and threats - and protect the vital services all Illinoisans rely on. It is time to get Illinois working together.

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