Illinois Working Together Statement on Rauner's "Wasteful Spending" Cuts

Thursday July 7, 2016
Contact: Jake Lewis, Illinois Working Together


SPRINGFIELD - In an interview with reporter Chris Kaergard yesterday, Gov. Bruce

Rauner said, "We’ve cut more than $800 million out of wasteful spending inside state

government already." When asked by The Capitol Fax's Rich Miller to provide evidence

of these cuts, the Rauner Administration responded with a document that details cuts

to child care, healthcare, recycling programs, veterans housing, transportation funding

for the disabled, state police funding, and other critical services provided by the state.

Illinois Working Together Campaign Director Jake Lewis released the following statement regarding Governor Rauner's "wasteful spending" cuts:

"It is absolutely shameful that Governor Rauner would label child care, healthcare, recycling, transportation for the disabled, veterans housing and state police programs as 'wasteful'. The very idea that Rauner could think of these programs as 'wasteful' clearly demonstrates his utter heartlessness when it comes to Illinois' neediest. Not only does the governor not care about the most vulnerable in Illinois, he views programs to support them as 'wasteful'.

"Unfortunately, these callous comments are also completely unsurprising. In addition to

his harmful cuts to children, veterans, and public safety, Governor Rauner created a devastating budget impasse that has caused untold damage to Illinois' families, seniors, and economy. But in Governor Rauner's world, a million Illinoisans losing access to critical services is just cutting 'waste'. Meanwhile, the state racks up hundreds of millions of dollars in interest fees on its late bills due to the Rauner impasse. It may take years for the state to recover from the damage Rauner has caused."


About Illinois Working Together

Illinois Working Together is a coalition defending all working families from anti-worker attacks. Illinois Working Together believes that Governor Rauner's wrong priorities seek to harm hardworking families and communities throughout Illinois while protecting the wealthiest. The Coalition's goal is to stand up and fight back against the governor's political attacks and threats - and protect the vital services all Illinoisans rely on. It is time to get Illinois working together.

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