After Three Years of Rauner Budget Chaos, What Changed?


Monday June 4, 2018
Contact: Jake Lewis, Illinois Working Together

After Three Years of Rauner Budget Chaos, What Changed?

Illinois Working Together Campaign Director Jake Lewis released the following statement in response to Gov. Bruce Rauner's approval of the state budget:

"For three years, Gov. Bruce Rauner has refused to sign a state budget unless it included his own personal agenda. The governor spent much of that time holding the budget hostage while the students, seniors, and economy of the Illinois suffered catastrophic damage.

"Now it seems like the governor has had a radical change of heart, signing the Fiscal Year 2019 budget that includes none of his personal agenda and none of his own major budget proposals. So the question must be asked: what changed? And why did the students, seniors, and economy have to suffer for years before Rauner's sudden shift?

"Bruce Rauner put the people of Illinois through crisis after crisis in pursuit of his own personal agenda. Today we find out that all of that chaos, all of the devastation was for nothing. So, governor, what changed? The people of Illinois deserve answers."


About Illinois Working Together
Illinois Working Together is a coalition defending all working families from anti-worker attacks. Illinois Working Together believes that Governor Rauner's wrong priorities seek to harm hardworking families and communities throughout Illinois while protecting the wealthiest. The coalition's goal is to stand up and fight back against the governor's political attacks and threats - and protect the vital services all Illinoisans rely on. It is time to get Illinois working together.
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